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Customising Box in CSS

Each element in HTML is considered a box. For example,


, and moreare boxes. We can customize the box using css styles by manipulating its various properties like width, height, padding, margin ,background-color, border-style, border-width, box-shadow and more.
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Creating styles for links

In a webpage, links are usually shown in blue colour with an underline by most browsers. However, we can create styles for the links using CSS. Basically we can use the anchor pseudo-classes to customise the link styles.

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Creating Drop Cap and First Line Styline

We can create drop cap for a paragraph in CSS using the pseudo element first-letter. A drop cap is a large capital letter at the beginning of a paragraph. Besides,we can also create CSS styles for the first line of a paragraph using the pseudo element first-line.

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Text Spacing

We can manipulate text spacing using the line-height, letter-spacing and word-spacing properties. Line-height is to specify space between lines, letter-spacing is to specify space between letters and word-spacing is to specify spacing between words.

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