HTML Tutorial

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language, the language of the World Wide Web that is used to create Web sites and web pages.  With HTML and JavaScript, we can create webpages that comprise text, images, sounds, video, and links. Learn how to build a web page using HTML by following the lessons below:

  1. Lesson 1:
    Introduction to HTML-Learn about the concepts of HTML
  2. Lesson 2:
    HTML Elements Part 1-Learn how to use headings h1 to h6, and how to display bold text, italic text, underlined text etc.
  3. Lesson 3:
    HTML Elements Part 2-learn about attributes of elements, preserving original text with pre element, subscript and superscript elements sub and sup, ruler hr etc.
  4. Lesson 4:
    Types of Lists-Learn how to create ordered list, unordered list, and definition list
  5. Lesson 5:
    Adding Colours to a Webpage-Learn how to add color using attributes like bgcolor and various color codes
  6. Lesson 6:
    Inserting Images in a Web Page-Learn how to add images using img element and src attribute
  7. Lesson 7:
    Building Links-learn how to create text link, graphical link, and email link
  8. Lesson 8:
    More on Links-Learn how to build links within document
  9. Lesson 9:
    Creating Tables-Learn how to create table using table, th, tr and td elements
  10. Lesson 10:
    Advanced Table Elements and Attributes-Learn how to format and enhance a table using various attributes like align, valign, bgcolor , border, height, width, cellspacing, cellspadding, rowspan and colspan
  11. Lesson 11:
    More advanced Table Elements and Attributes-Learn how to add caption and how to use tbody, thead and tfoot elements
  12. Lesson 12:
    Using Character Entity References -Learn how to display certain symbols using character entity references like &gt, &lt, &amp and more
  13. Lesson 13:
    The Meta element-Learn how to add keywords and contents using the meta element
  14. Lesson 14:
    The Frameset Element-Learn how to create frames with the frameset and frame elements
  15. Lesson 15:
    Setting up Forms Part 1-Learn how to create form in a webpage
  16. Lesson 16:
    Setting up Forms Part 2-Learn how to use more advanced form elements
  17. Lesson 17:
    Setting up Forms Part 3-Learn how to create textarea, radio buttons and checkboxes
  18. Lesson 18:
    Setting up Forms Part 4-Learn how to create drop-down box, image button, and  file upload button
  19. Lesson 19::
    Other Elements-Learn how to use other elements and attributes like id, class, span, div and iframe
  20. Lesson 20:
    Adding Video and Audio-Learn how to embed video and audio in your web page.
  21. Lesson 21:
    Introducing HTML5-Understand the structure of HTML5
  22. Lesson 22:
    More HTML5 Elements-Learn how to use HTML5 elements